Derwent Blasting – Sand Blasting


Derwent Blasting is a sister company to Brookmeadow Developments offering a Mobile Sand Blasting service.

Derwent Blasting is an industrial and domestic blast cleaning company specialising in brick and stonework.

We are blasting experts and use professonal high performance equipment to clean, restore and protect all types of buildings, structures and fabrications.

Blast cleaning consists of bombarding the surface of a material with one of many types of sand, grit, shot or bead. Sandblasting can be carried out to remove paint, rust or scale, and also to create a particular surface finish, or uniform finish, to the object being blasted. Sandblasting can also be used to etch letters or shapes into glass, marble, stone or concrete. Remove decades of soot and damp from the exterior of your building and rediscover the design details long hidden by the dirt.